Rewards App lets you reward your customers via points, coupons, discounts etc., enabling you to attract new customers and retain old ones.


  • Identifies your customer

    Lists all active and inactive customers so know who to recapture via personal messaging, email etc.

  • Keeps you in touch

    Allows you to keep in touch with customers via marketing emails or SMS.

  • Allows Exclusive Discounts

    Let’s you reward your loyal customers for frequent visits or orders.

  • Creates Customer Profiles

    Notes down customer’s name, number, email address and physical address so you can keep in touch with them.

  • Generates reports

    Produces Customer Ageing Reports, Active Customer Report, Inactive Customer Report, and Customer Report regularly.

Front of House allows you to manage a single or multiple outlets from anywhere in the world simply with the click of a mouse.


  • Choice of three models

    Three customized models to choose from: the over-the counter model, the iPad model, and Skip-the-Talk model.

  • Faster Order Processing

    Performs and tracks all day to day transactions quickly and efficiently.

  • Improved Speed

    Allows your customers to navigate through menu sections and check summaries instantly so order processing is quicker.

  • Immediate System Changes

    Let’s you make quick changes to the menu and add/remove discounts and promotions.

  • Ensures Encrypted Data

    Prevents unauthorized access, keeping data safe and secure.

  • Instant Data Accessibility

    Enables you to check sales data right from the palm of their hands at any time.

  • Simplifies Communication

    Eases communication between customer and the waiter and the waiter and the kitchen staff.

  • Calculates real-time

    Provides numeric insight into the business (i.e.Lists the number of dine-ins, take aways and delivery orders, determines the time each table is occupied etc.).

  • Offers Technical Support

    Offers immediate customer service via training videos, telephone or email.

  • Generates reports

    Produces product report, area report, X-report, customer report, and category report on an everyday basis.

InSights App enables you to obtain the customer’s opinion about your restaurant, the food and the service, instantly.


  • Allows Instant Feedback

    Gives you quick customer feedback about your food and service.

  • Guarantees Data Security

    Stores data securely and eliminates the risk of data being lost or modified.

  • Ensures more Accuracy

    Due to very little time between consumption of service and recording feedback, the rate of accuracy is pretty high.

  • Measures Customer Satisfaction

    Tracks and monitors how happy (or unhappy) your customers are.

  • Improves Customer Retention

    Records why a customer is unhappy so you can ensure they have a better experience next time.

  • Shows Market Trends

    Helps you understand the latest market trends.

  • Helps you make better decisions

    Describes customer’s needs and tastes helping you make better business decisions.

  • Generates reports

    Produces a Feedback Trend report

Inventory App tracks and controls inventory, making the management process tremendously simpler and more efficient.


  • Monitors inventory

    Records inventory levels and value per location electronically.

  • Saves time

    Eases counting, receiving and ordering inventory, saving time and energy.

  • Keeps you up-to-date

    Presents a detailed list of your products, warehouses, vendors, customers and transactions so you stay up-to-date.

  • Avoids “Out of Stock” situations

    Lists the amount of stock you have on hand and what products are almost finished, eliminating unexpected shortages.

  • Reduces Shrinkage

    Displays precise product quantities so inventory loss is reduced.

  • Minimizes chances of mistakes

    Tracking inventory electronically means less chances of human error.

  • Allows transferring stock

    Let’s you move stock between multiple locations without any trouble.

  • Simplifies warehouse management

    Allows you to manage all warehouses from one central location.

  • Eases vendor management

    Tells you exactly which vendors supply what products.

  • Generates reports

    Produces a Stock-in-hand report daily

Food Calculas App calculates the variance of theoretical cost vs. the actual cost in units, percentage and/or rupees, promoting better performance and lowering food costs


  • Measures ideal costs vs. real costs

    compares the real food cost to what it should have cost theoretically, so you know exactly how much food is being wasted and how much money is being lost each day.

  • Eases Recipe management

    Determines the ideal amount of each ingredient in a recipe and calculates the price of it so you can maintain quality and cost.

  • Identifies theft

    Calculating the variance between theoretical vs. real cost reduces theft and dishonest behavior.

  • Lowers food costs

    Eliminates product overstock, shortages, food spoilage and waste, essentially decreasing food costs.

  • Promotes better future planning

    Let’s you analyze historical consumption patterns and recipe data to identify specific trends that help you predict what will be sold when and in how much quantity.

  • Generates reports

    Produces a variance report and a consumption report daily.

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